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Batch operation mode

  • Can convert multiple images to 1x, 2x and 3x in a single pass, just drop them in the blueprint are and hit generate!
  • Also converts multiple app icons at once, did we mention you can generate icons for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch?
  • Multiple formats

  • Supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc. Also allows to convert to JPEG, PNG or even directly to an XCAssets catalog.
  • Un-Retinization works even with non square images.
  • Versatile icon converter, if you're working in many projects at once just drop all your 1024x1024 application icons in the red area, sit back and see the magic happen.

  • Secure

    Makes use of native app sandboxing.

    Great features

  • Your images are scaled to @2x and @3x while keeping their aspect ratio.
  • Direct XCAssets catalog file generation, ready to be used in Xcode.
  • Strict iOS/OSX app icon resizing, works with iPhone, iPad, OS X and Apple Watch.
  • Future enhancements

    Get the app today, be ready for future enhancements

  • Launch image scaling.
  • Bulk free-form image resizing (Got a lot of screenshots to resize at once? We'll take care of it soon!)